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Razberi Technologies makes it simple to manage and secure video surveillance networks  and IoT systems. Razberi’s open video surveillance platform includes intelligent appliances combined with automated cybersecurity, and health monitoring software. In combination with a wide range of top third-party video management software (VMS) applications and IP cameras, enterprises can flexibly deploy a best-of-breed solution that reduces their total cost of ownership and reduces the likelihood of a costly cyber breach.

KCS has partnered with Razberi Technologies to bring to the Kuwait market their products to protect surveillance and other networked devices from cybersecurity threats.

Cybersecurity for your CCTV Networks.

Recent popular data breaches and the introduction of Local Data Protection Regulations in several Countries, contributed to increase business’ and individual’s awareness about the importance of raising the security level of the informatic systems.

Open Video Surveillance Platform with Value-added Software Applications

Razberi enables access to a wide variety of video surveillance software applications via our open platform philosophy. This approach ensures that enterprise customers have access to the software that best meets their needs. Razberi offers Windows-based appliances, along with our value-add software applications, that makes it simple to deploy, manage, and cybersecure video surveillance and IoT systems.

Razberi Monitor monitors and manages all the components of the system, for both cybersecurity and system health. Monitor can be deployed from the cloud or on-premise.

Razberi CameraDefense automates the process of locking down IP cameras and other IoT devices, making them less vulnerable to hacking. CameraDefense helps address common human errors associated with the installation and management of IP cameras and IoT devices.

Razberi ApplianceDefense protects the Razberi appliances from file and script-based threats and exploits. Additionally, the actual architecture and operation of the appliance itself are designed to make the appliances less vulnerable to malicious activities and events.

Razberi EndpointDefender is a scalable plug-and-play network appliance that delivers the award-winning Razberi CameraDefense solution to harden cameras and networks from cybersecurity threats.

  • Connects to compatible third party IP cameras to provide the first line of defense
  • Deploys in minutes to automate best practices for protecting cameras
  • Provides PoE and a secure Ethernet connection to third party IP cameras or IoT devices
  • Uses Razberi Monitor software to send alerts to security leaders

Razberi Monitor

  • Firewall for camera network
  • MAC binding
  • MAC spoofing prevention
  • IP whitelist
  • Weak password detection for cameras
  • Virtual LAN
  • Trusted Platform Module
  • Next generation malware protection for VMS system
  • Real-time security alerts
  • Security alert integration with Milestone XProtect
  • Compatibility
    • Any network camera
    • Any Windows-based VMS product
    • All ServerSwitchIQ appliances

Extend Cybersecurity for All Devices

  • Block unauthorized devices
  • Restrict camera access
  • Deny un-needed network services
  • Monitor camera security and health

Lower Risks of Cybersecurity Attacks

  • Protect cameras and other IoT devices with Razberi CameraDefense


  • Monitor health and cybersecurity
  • Deliver real-time alerts to VMS dashboards, SolarWinds and Razberi Monitor Cloud


  • IEEE 802.3af, 802.3at (PoE+)
  • 8 or 24 ports
  • Up to 30W per port

Ethernet Switch:

  • HTTPS browser interface
  • Layer 2 switching
  • VLAN (IEEE 802.1Q Tagged VLAN)
  • DHCP server
  • Simple Service Discovery Protocol
  • AES 256 encrypted communications
  • Deep packet inspection to support Razberi CameraDefense


  • Razberi CameraDefense (included)
  • Razberi Monitor (license not included)

Part Numbers:

  • EPD-8P: 8 PoE+, 140W output
  • EPD-24P: 24 PoE+, 277W output


For more information on the product contact at T +973 17296711 / 66959518/ 36644752|sales@kcs.com.kw

For more information, contact Bahrain Kuwait Computer Services at sales@kcs.com.kw

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