Parklio Parking Barrier is a smartphone-controlled parking barrier that protects the parking space from unauthorized usage while providing reliable control and efficient parking management. Compared to the traditional parking barriers, it offers many innovative features and possibilities, including automation.

The solutions make your parking secure and connected. With one click, you can control your parking place, share it with others, and optimize overall occupancy. The parking barriers are smartphone-controlled parking barriers that stop someone from using a parking space without permission. It provides control and easy management of your parking area. Protect your parking spot with a simple, easy to use, environment-friendly, and smartphone-controlled barrier.

As a unique product that doesn’t require remote control or any other additional device, Parklio is the only high-quality European smart parking barrier that is connected via Bluetooth to the smartphone and enables protection and management of the parking lot from smartphone or computer. With a robust and modern design, Parklio  car parking barriers protect your car park post, provides security, and prevents unauthorized parking in your driveway.


Secure your parking place and control it with your smartphone via the mobile application.


Send digital keys via mobile application and share your parking place with whom you want when you want.


Drive away carefree from the parking lot, as our sensory system detects your car’s departure with 100% accuracy – leaving your parking place automatically protected.


Vandal-proof design resistant to external influences combined with smart and reliable software gives you the safest parking protection.


Designed in compliance with European quality standards, using the latest technology, and with special care so you can have the smart parking solutions of the highest quality.


We are always at your service to provide you with the best parking experience.

How does it work?

Smart Parking Barrier is remotely controlled by an application on the smartphone allowing the parking barrier to be raised or lowered easily from the comfort of the car. Parklio Parking Barrier is made from a highly resistant material to endure different external conditions. The high-quality steel components allow the car park barrier to withstand up to 9 tons of load and over 4000N of horizontal force.


The vandal-proof design protects the barrier from the damage or tampering. In the case of excessive force, the system of rubber springs inside the mechanism assembly will absorb the impact of the car and only the safety pin will break and be quickly replaced.

Parklio Barrier does not require any external charging thanks to the rechargeable batteries which can last up to 1 year on one charge. It is equipped with a modern solar panel for sustainable autonomy and there is also the possibility to connect the barrier to the power supply. Batteries come in 2 versions, single pack, and double pack.


Smart Parking Barrier is controlled via mobile application. The barrier communicates with the smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy module on up to 50 m.

Bluetooth connection allows parking barriers to work efficiently with a reliable connection in any car park environment, including underground garages.

It takes only 4 seconds for the barrier to be opened, thus saving precious time for the end-user.

This intelligent car park barrier system does not require a separate remote control, you only need to download the Parklio app on your smartphone. Furthermore, the barrier has a safety pin for manual control of the barrier in the absence of a smartphone.


One of the best key features of our parking barrier is the key sharing option. With our parking barrier, you can send a temporary digital key to other users via Parklio mobile application. The owner of the barrier can specify the range of a time interval in which the other user can control his barrier and park on his car parking space. Within the mobile application, the guest will be precisely navigated to the exact location of Parklio Barrier whether it is an outdoor car park or a garage.

Parklio Barriers can seamlessly be integrated with any other smart system and enable real-time parking reservations via Parklio API. It has proven its supremacy and has triumphed over the previous generation of parking products and leads the new generation of smart parking products. Except great functionality and modern design our barrier protection has affordable price and fast delivery.


  • Smartphone controlled, operated via a free app (Android & iOS)
  • Sharing a temporary digital key for visitors
  • Auto-close option upon departure of the vehicle
  • Rechargeable Li-ion batteries/constant supply (Dual power option)
  • Modern solar panel for sustainable autonomy
  • Sturdy steel material that withstands up to 9 tons of load
  • Weather resistant
  • Vandal-proof design
  • Safety pin
  • Possible manual control
  • Easy and simple installation with the supplied fixings
  • Customization
  • Possibility of integration with other systems
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